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Autism and eating challenges

This course focuses on understanding and supporting autistic children with eating challenges.

About the training

Feeding and eating problems are common in autistic people. Difficulties such as only eating a very few foods, not being able to eat at school, going long periods of time without eating or over eating and Pica (eating non-foods) can be difficult to understand and manage with parents and carers reporting feelings of anxiety, frustration and blame.

This course is written and presented by Dr Elizabeth Shea who has several decades of experience in the clinical and academic fields of childhood feeding disorders and in autism services.

Delivered live online, using Microsoft Teams, the course will be delivered to a group of approximately 30 delegates. This will be a one-day course, with breaks built in throughout the day. As we have limited availability on this course, to try and ensure access, we will be asking individual organisations to only book a maximum of 5 places on a specific course.

Training times

The training runs from 9.30am -4pm with regular breaks throughout the day.

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Where and when?

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How much?

£195 + VAT, book online